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K a r t o f e l l i n a

Не стоит тратить время на того, кто не стремится провести его с тобой

Social capital

  • less than 10
big balagan
18 June 1985
25, 2be a kid, 2be balagan, 2be bomshankar, 2be friend, 2be good, 2be sister, 2be with mauz, 2believe, 2care, 2cb, 2correct, 2cry, 2dance, 2do fun, 2do my best, 2draw, 2find, 2give positive, 2go, 2help, 2hide, 2imagine, 2joke, 2jump, 2laugh, 2listen, 2love, 2mistake, 2play, 2repeat, 2ride on, 2see, 2show, 2smell, 2swim, 2trance, 2trip, 2trust, 2wear friend's clothes, not 2be mad, not 2be ugly, to react, tryin 2move, ♥ smtimes participate



Social capital

  • less than 10